Musicians are talented individuals who sing basically for the purpose of entertaining their fans.

Prior to when a musician sings, they must have spent ample time in rehearsing their songs, so that it comes out nice. Musicians are saddled with the responsibility of ensuring they treat their fans to great songs every time.

If a musician is not meeting up to expectations, the fans begin to complain, and this is easy to understand. Fans are not patient people, and it is hard to please them. Hence, musicians need to ensure they are consistent so that they do not flop.

Musicians are humans too, and some of them get addicted albeit we are not aware of this. One of the reasons why musicians get addicted is because, they lack stage composure.

Not all musicians are bold enough to face the crowd, so they indulge in substance abuse, which supposedly gives them the courage to perform before the crowd.

In addition to this, musicians also get addicted because it gives them inspiration. For some musicians, it is difficult for them to write songs, without taking drugs or alcohol.

People who are in this shoes would have been most likely deceived by older colleagues in the music industry.

Furthermore, musicians go through lots of stress, and one of the ways they get rid of stress, is to indulge in substance abuse. With time, some of them get addicted, and they find it difficult to refrain from the usage of these substances.

Closely related to this, is the mental health problems which musicians have. Some of them are usually feel anxious and depressed, and this is because of the pressure they face from their fans.

During periods when they do not perform well, and they face a hostile response from their fans, they take these substances so that they can heal fast.

Musicians need to take their mental health seriously, as it is one of the leading causes of addiction among musicians.

When the mental health of a musician is sound, there would be no need for addiction. Musicians are advised to see counselors or mental health therapists, who would provide them with the help they need.